Course: Web Development For Intermediate


In this this course, you will learn how to create a simple note-taking web app using PHP and MySQL. PHP and MySQL enable developing powerful dynamic web pages and applications. They are some of the most widely used technologies in the world right now for developing back-end applications. They allow you to create dynamic content on your webpage and bring it to life. They also allow to persist data in the backend database and use them in every different way.

What You Will Learn
  • PHP: Basic syntax, Variables and Data types, Conditional Statement, Arrays, Loops, Functions, String handling
  • SQL: What is Database, SQL syntax, datatypes, operators, data manipulation language and command- SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  • PHP-MySQL: connecting PHP with MySQL data to store, retrieve, update, delete and modiy data
  • Project: create a real project as social network or forum
  1. Knowledge of frontend web development (Web Development For Beginner)
  2. An Android smartphone or a personal computer


Zubairu Saeed



Tuition Fee


Course Duration

5 Weeks

Lecture Venue

Flowdiary Android App and Flowdiary Website

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