Course: Bug Hunting For Intermediate


In this intermediate level, this course comes up with essentials lectures on detecting bugs in web applications and protecting websites as an advancement of the beginner level.
You are advised to start with the beginner level if you have zero experience in linux basics, or pure understanding of how the web works

What You Will Learn
  • Chapter 1: No Rate Limit (Using BurpSuite)
  • Chapter 2: Cross-Site Scripting (Manual and Automation)
  • Chapter 3: Subdomain Takeover
  • Chapter 4: Race Conditions (Using BurpSuite)
  • Chapter 5: Hacking Content Management Systems
  • Chapter 6: Authentication bypass (Using BurpSuite)
  • Chapter 7: Web Vulnerability Scanning (Using BurpSuite, Nuclei, Acunetix and REngine)
  • Chapter 8: Hacking Live Target (Using HowToHunt Methodology)
  1. A personal computer


Ibrahim Auwal



Tuition Fee


Course Duration

5 Weeks

Lecture Venue

Flowdiary Android App and Flowdiary Website

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