Course: Bug Hunting For Beginner


Bug Hunting is the act of detecting bugs in software and cyber vulnerabilities which corporate organisations face. This course teaches you how to find bugs in web applications. It is a good starting point for bug bounty journey.
This courses is suitable for graduates of Cyber Security, Networking or any related field

What You Will Learn
  • Chapter 1: Linux Basics
  • Chapter 2: How The Internet Works
  • Chapter 3: Bug Bounty Introduction
  • Chapter 4: Information Gathering
  • Chapter 5: Open Redirect (Manual and Automation)
  • Chapter 6: HTML Injection, Content Spoofing and Hyperlink Injection
  • Chapter 7: Cross-Site Request Forgery (Using BurpSuite)
  • Chapter 8: Hyperlink Takeovers (Broken Link Hijack) (Manual and Automation)
  1. A personal computer


Ibrahim Auwal



Tuition Fee


Course Duration

3 Weeks

Lecture Venue

Flowdiary Android App and Flowdiary Website

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