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Welcome to Flowdiary – an online podium for sciences, technology, internet services, history, and philosophy. Flowdiary Blog is owned and managed by Mohiddeen Ahmad, a student of computer science. The blog is operated in both Hausa and English languages.

Flowdiary was started by Mohiddeen Ahmad on 30th May 2017 as an entrepreneurship blog, before it went down in November of the same year. Later on, it was retrieved in June 2020 as a podium for modern science and technology.  

The Author

Mohiddeen Ahmad

My full name is Muhammad Auwal Ahmad AKA Mohiddeen Ahmad, an IT fancier, creative writer, and a cybersecurity enthusiast. I write on sciences, technology, and philosophy. My interests include computer sciences,  modern sciences, philosophy, modern technology, and entrepreneurship and my research fields are Machine Learning, Data Science, and Digital Security.

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