Learn digital skills for self-reliance in Hausa language

Flowdiary is an e-learning platform that teaches digital skills for self-reliance in Hausa Language.

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Flowdiary serves as a digital institute that teaches digital skills in Hausa language for easy comprehending.

Our Courses

Android Development For Beginners

Android Development is an essential course of learning the development of applications for Android s...
Students: 124

Android Development For Intermediates

Android Development For Intermediate teaches you the skill of creating advanced Android apps with yo...
Students: 31

Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Learn the basics of Cryptocurrency -how to invest, buy/sell coins, withdraw, and do lots more in thi...
Students: 77

Cyber Security For Beginners

This is the act of using tools and techniques to protect a web app from being attacked. Click the be...
Students: 136

Smartphone Graphic Design

Learn the basics of Graphic Design to a professional. Learn how to create logos, posters, banners, a...
Students: 105

Web Development For Beginners

Learn the frontend of web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and create meaningful webpages...
Students: 132

Web Development For Intermediates

In this this course, you will learn how to create websites using PHP and MySQL. PHP and MySQL enable...
Students: 76

Wordpress For Beginners

WordPress is a software used for developing websites and blogs without programming experience. Learn...
Students: 33

Database Management For Beginners

Learn to create a database, manage it, update it, retrieve data update, and delete it using differen...
Students: 38

Bug Hunting For Beginners

Bug Hunting is the act of detecting bugs in software and cyber vulnerabilities that organisations fa...
Students: 31

Bug Hunting For Intermediates

In this intermediate level, this course comes up with essentials lectures on detecting bugs in web a...
Students: 13

Blogging For Beginners

Learn to create a professional blog, manage it, attract readers, and monetize it to make money. Clic...
Students: 36

Digital Marketing For Beginners

Get started to learn the basics of digital marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing an...
Students: 55

Computer Basics For Beginners

In this free Computer Basics course, you will learn all about installing/uninstalling a software, Se...
Students: 42

Photoshop For Beginners

This course is perfectly meant for beginners and who want to referesh their skills What You Will ...
Students: 21

Corel Draw For Beginners

Learn how color, layout, images, composition, typography, branding, and more relate to graphic desig...
Students: 30

Networking and Internet For Beginners

Learn the basics of networking, understand how networking or the internet works, and improve your in...
Students: 117

General Internet Entrepreneurship

This free course is designed to teach every Flowdiary user the benefits of internet entrepreneurship...
Students: 321

Social Media Marketing

This course teaches the strategies of social media marketing as It is all about marketing businesses...
Students: 2

Social Media Management

Social media management course is designed to teach the act of managing social media accounts for in...
Students: 2

Facebook Mastery: Marketing & Ads

This course dives into mastering the strategies of promoting businesses on Facebook, i.e., Facebook ...
Students: 3

Email Marketing for Online Business

Email Marketing for Online Businesses teaches business owners to promote and engage with customers t...
Students: 2

Dropshipping Business

Unlock the potential of dropshipping and learn how to build a successful online business. A comprehe...
Students: 1

WhatsApp Marketing for Sales Increment

Discover the power of WhatsApp Marketing and learn how to effectively connect with customers. A comp...
Students: 1

Introduction to Content Marketing

A comprehensive content marketing course can provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to he...
Students: 1

Introduction to Video Marketing

Video marketing is a strategy that involves creating engaging and high-quality video content to prom...
Students: 1

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO course teaches businesses and individuals how to improve their website's search engine rankin...
Students: 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Flowdiary stands as an online institute that teaches digital skills for self-reliance in Hausa Language.

Anyone can register. As long as you can understand Hausa language, you can create an account with us, pay your tuition fee and start learning immediately

Our video lectures are well-formatted and normally hold on our mobile app (Flowdiary Android App) or our website (Flowdiary Dashboard)

For better understanding, we teach in our local language, Hausa - a popular language in West Africa having over 120 million speakers worldwide

Each course has its own enrolment fee. So we accept payments online using Paystack and Flutterwave

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