Privacy Policy

Flowdiary stands as an outstanding online Hausa encyclopedia for sciences and technology. The topics and articles on this website are preserved for educational and research purposes. They are also in a very concise manner for easy comprehendible.

The status of the data on Flowdiary appears to be both private and public. Private data are users’ account details, even though there’s no medium of registration on this website. The details obtained such as email, name, opinion, and website link during comment in a post are stored privately. The website makes no use of them in any means or by any method.

The website also doesn’t accept spam, probihited words and actions, it doesn’t share violent graphics and probihited contents as well. Note that even if negative contents are mistakenly seen on this podium should be neglected, it must not have come from the blog fountainhead.

Feel free to contact the CEO for any suggestion, deal, advertisement, or an interview.

Thank you!