The lecture timetable for Batch ‘A’ 2022 session is out. The students are recommended to download the timetable for their use.


  1. Lectures are to be conducted on Telegram
  2. Tutors will use Hausa as the teaching language
  3. The whole lectures will be conducted during the night, from 8:00pm to 10:00pm; one hour for each period
  4. Each course has its own code,  the below table shows the courses and their codes
  5. As the timetable shows, lectures of each course will be conducted twice a week
  6. General Entrepreneurship (GEN) is a general study on entrepreneurship that will be taught to all the students to learn how to make use of their skills to be self-reliant


Android App DevelopmentAAD6 Weeks
Software Development (Desktop)SDD6 weeks
Cryptocurrency CRC4 Weeks
Web DesignWED3 Weeks
Cyber SecurityCBS4 Weeks
Graphic DesignGRD5 Weeks
Data ScienceDAS4 weeks
Web DevelopmentWEB6 Weeks
WordPressWOP3 Weeks
Database ManagementDBM3 Weeks
NetworkingNET3 Weeks
PythonPYT3 Weeks
JavaScriptJAS3 Weeks
General Entrepreneurship  GEN5 Weeks

Kindly, get a copy of your timetable as soon as possible.