Quantum Mechanics: A Panacea for all Scientific Hypothesis

In today’s science, when we fail to conclude critical research or hypothesis we relate it to quantum mechanics as the panacea for all scientific problems. This is because of its mysterious features that have not been discovered by humans, today.

First of all, futurists have predicted that the use of classical computers will be rare in the next 50 years when quantum computers will overwhelm the planet. So, we have now discovered the use of quantum mechanics in computing, is one of the greatest successes in modern computing. It is because of these computers and of course some modern technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics that caused the existence of 5G network technology.

In the case of time travel – a scientific hypothesis to travel to the future, it is believed that it will only be possible when quantum mechanics is fully achieved to create a time machine which will probably travel at the speed of light. Though, Albert Einstein said nothing will be able to travel at the speed of light except the light itself. So, we don’t know its possibility or impossibility. What we only thought is the use of photons to carry matter, even though it seems very obvious.

Another scientific hypothesis that needs deep knowledge of quantum mechanics upon its implementation is teleportation, which is the process of moving matter from one spatial point to another without physically crossing the space in between. This phenomenon aims to teleport humans virtually without using any physical transportation objects. A very simple example is how digital stuff are transferred from one point to another in milliseconds.

So, in this case, it is also said that quantum mechanics is the only panacea that will resolve the phenomenon. We don’t know if teleporting humans will cause their destruction, the same way we don’t know how they will be teleported using the so-called scientific panacea. What we only seek to understand is its obscured phenomena when it is demystified.

Well, we’ve now seen that any scientific obscurity is related to the all-in-one scientific panacea, i.e quantum mechanics. The only reason is the discovery of cosmology on the existence of the universe, its origin, structure, and fate. Regarding the origin of the universe, the Big Bang theory has explained the cosmic explosion as the all-one-in explosion that caused the existence of all matter, energy, and time from the inexplicable tiniest ball of matter whose origin isn’t yet discovered.

Cosmologists have been debating about the origin of that original ball of matter, some even suggested that quantum mechanics could have played a role in its existence. But even Prof. Hawking remained silent: quantum mechanics could not have produced something out of nothing. So, this is a serious case. What we only need to understand here is the role of quantum mechanics in solving almost all scientific problems.

In the case of transferring human memory to a computer, even brain scientists don’t really know in what form does data in the human memory are, how tiniest they are, what is their visibility status and how to access them. But today experts in Neuralink research firm and technological singularity researchers are making an endeavor to understand human memory and how to access those encrypted data in it.

I don’t know if Neuralink researchers are using classical computers, but if they’re really using them, that would be their greatest mistake. Our classical computers that use 0s and 1s to store data cannot be used to store human memory. Classical computers do not have a third option apart from 0 and 1, quantum computers have. Data in human memory are not stored using 0s and 1s, neither A nor B: they might be invisible or extremely tiny. Then, the study of quantum mechanics gives rise to understand extremely tiny particles wherever they are in the universe.

Well, I have hypothesized that whenever those researchers succeed in downloading human memory, it will be possible to uncover the face of culprits responsible for commiting murder. I said the unavoidable evidence will be extracted from the coprse’ eye when it is analyzed.

But how do we extract data from human memory and even uncover one’s face?

This case is also related to the scientific panacea when my forementioned assertions are pondered, i.e in understanding the data in the human memory we need quantum mechanics and in storing those encrypted data we need quantum computers.

That means, when human memory is successfully and fully downloaded, the victim’s recent activities such as conversation, what they saw, were they frightened or not and so on will be seen in their brain registrar. For instance, the victim was murdered by their friend, then their last activity identifing, “my friend is killing me”, will give more emphasis to realize that, that victim is murdered by their friend.

If this analogy seems unobvious, think of how archeologists have been analyzing things, even decayed human skeleton, animals, and others to calculate their ages. Same way, forensic scientists used to reconstruct a human skeleton by building fresh flesh using clay and other chemicals to investigate the deceased origin. These ideas were innovated to make it simpler to understand how an investigation will be carried out when a case seems critical or mysterious.

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