(Opinion) Digitalize Nigeria’s Biometric Security System, By Muhammad Auwal Ahmad

Nigeria as the most populous country in the entire continent is yet to innovate and implement its security system in which hypocritical communications will be hindered whereas intrusions, fraud and terrorism will be thwarted. Today, all developed countries have approached this unavoidable development. In these counties, a fraudster or an intruder would be detected in a short period of time using their modern detection machines with artificial intelligence capability.

A recent project proposed by the Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy shows how mobile phone numbers and Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) will be linked with citizens’ national identity card to thwart all those hypocritical communications over the network whereas even when they are made, detecting them will be easier than expected. By then, the minister’s attention has been dragged showing many consequences of his proposed project which includes:

  1. Giving attackers a vulnerability to victims bank accounts’
  2. Unauthorized access to victims personal information which include identity info

Now, an opinion by a tech savvy shows how Nigeria should digitalize its biometric security system in which a similar case of BVN system should be implemented. In Nigeria now, no one is capable or allowed for having more than one bank verification number. Individuals’ bank verification numbers remain single and constant even when they’re having multiple bank accounts. This happen that whenever someone needs to open a new bank account their bank verification numbers will be shown by verifying their identity using their fingerprint as biometric verification system. To implement same system in the Nigeria’s security system requires citizens to register a newly modern national identity card where modern biometric security system will be implemented in which individuals’ fingerprint and facial detection system will be useable.

This method, of course, will diminish security challenges in Nigeria where even attackers will be caught simply by using their national identity card to unveil their personal information. This will give the authority an opportunity to detect the movements of any citizen.

Mohiddeen Ahmad

I am Muhammad Auwal Ahmad (Mohiddeen), a technologist and a writer. I Specifically write on sciences and modern technology. Hit my about page to learn more about me.


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