How to Make Your First $1000 as a Freelance Writer Without Experience

Do you want to earn huge amount of money online in freelancing without experience? Experience is king! You can sell or use your experience to make money both online and offline. Now, have you ever asked yourself how to make money when you have no experience? Today, I will take you to that way you’re looking for, and am 100% sure that you will love it.
I will be outlining some simple strategies for you to make your first $1,000 as a freelance writer when you have no experience. Don’t think $1,000 is too much, just ask why. See reasons below:
– Because you’re newbie
– And you probably have no experience
With these two reasons above, you will understand that you can make $100,000 when you have experience. Though, freelancing is a big field and one of the most popular ways to make money. Today, we’ll look up on how you will make money as a “freelance writer” today without that experience.
Can you write an article on the categories below?

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Poetry

If not any, I’ll be giving you some samples to help you learn better and write yours. Note that when you decide to create an article, you should think and write good content that attracts peoples’ attention. Content writing is a big deal and one of the top skills everyone need to be specialized in. I know you’ve been reading different textbooks and eBooks. This gives you the opportunity to learn from those books you’ve been reading, how those books published and to know their content length.


Writing a nonfiction article might be easier for you than fiction. Writing a nonfiction is all about the facts or real events. Find a pen and a book and start writing the true stories of yours. Let me give you some samples of nonfiction articles below:

Short Biography of King Elliot Musk
Genre: Biography
Author: Mohiddeen Ahmad
“The powerful king that lived for over 100 years in the 12th century was King Elliot Musk. He was one of the great and famous people in the history of the world. Musk was righteous to his people, as a result his kingdom remains the most powerful and unbeatable. Musk has a wife, Juliet and only one son Prince Deen. But there was only one thing that his people doesn’t like with him and that was the prohibition of international business. Even though they feed their selves with the food they planted. At the end of the king’s life, he allowed his people to import and export goods and services within their continent. He died after a brief illness.”

How to Start an Online Business
Genre: Business
Author: Mohiddeen Ahmad
“Do you enjoy online business and wants to start yours today? I myself enjoy online business because you don’t have to spend your hours on transportation in other countries or busy with customers in your shop. To start online business, these are the top 3 lucrative fields for you to start with:

  1. eCommerce
  2. Flipping online services
  3. Affiliate marketer

To start your ecommerce business, you have to get a computer, capital or/and a website. It is not necessary for you to rent an office, just find a small one to store your products. Secondly, if you want to be flipping online services, then you can definitely make more money. Domain name, website, premium theme or script are all example of online services. And lastly, affiliate marketing – you will just need to promote products online and get commission on any product purchased through the link you shared.”

Welcome back. As you read all the samples of the articles wrote above all in nonfiction category, you will notice that the first is a biography with 118 words, while the second for business oppurtunity. The first article shows the short biography of King Elliot Musk, while the second briefly describes what online business is and the lucrative ways. Here, just understand that both biography and business ideas are all nonfiction, with addition to health, travel, history, art and music, crime, cooking and home, religion etc. Nonfiction is just involving in real things, real people and real events.

Don’t hesitate to find a pen and a book and start writing your own nonfiction. Any article to write should be based on:
– 1,000+ words length
– Well punctuated and grammar
– In English or any popular language
– Attracts peoples’ attention

Your article should be 1,000+ words length. This is because you’re newbie, but there are many bloggers and content writers that write 10,000+ words articles. You should be practicing how to write an article of 1,000 words and more. Your article should be well-punctuated and grammar, and make sure that the article you’re writing will attract peoples’ attention, may be motivation, tutorial or inspiration.


Hope you’ve learned how to write a nonfiction article above? Fictions are types of literary writing that focus on imaginative writings instead of real facts. A writer based on his imagination creates fiction, like imaginary things, imaginary people or imaginary events. I’ve mentioned above that nonfiction involves in real facts and writings, which means a story or biography that have ever happened or facts is nonfiction. While fiction writings is just imagination, like novels, films, science fiction or crime thriller. An example of a fictional novel is “A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens”, and “Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe”

Below is a sample of a fiction story

In The Sky
Genre: Fiction
Author: Mohiddeen Ahmad

“When I look up and see the blue sky, the white clouds, the birds flying up and mingling among their selves, I feel like to fly and meet them too. Nothing impress me than seeing that beautiful rainbow more especially in the evening when the sun rises. That evening when the town is rainy, it’s undoubtable that one would feel an unavoidable joy. It’s in that moment that some beautiful clouds appear in the sky which looks like mountains. Not even being similar to the mountains, sometimes, I even conceive them as the shape of some living creatures such as wild or higher animals. I was very afraid of those clouds thinking that they were mountains and would tremble and fall down. Still, being afraid of thunder and lightest lightening. All in my childhood.

Today, all those imaginative events and creatures are visible to my naked eyes as if I could touch them. I asked my fellow astronaut, “Dear, where are we now?”
“Close to the moon” she answered. I kept mute as if I had nothing to ask, but deep inside I had hundreds of questions to ask. Mrs. Victoria and I left earth a couple of weeks ago to explore our solar system, the space and the moon. The mission was planned to carry out by a group of astronauts, and fortunately Mrs. Victoria and I were included. I was the only guy in the squad who had never traveled to the space. And hopefully Mrs. Victoria, my bond colleague had successfully completed her 14th mission, and now carrying out the 15th with me.

I was allowed to go home and settle up for the mission. I told my family all about it.
“Travelling to the space isn’t a one day journey” one of my family members said.
“I know. It could be a scary trip. Take part in wishing me the best of luck, I will surely be back safe By God’s grace.” They all wished me luck.

I was deep in these thoughts when I heard screaming outside our spaceship. I opened my eyes quickly and looked up through the small glass window. To my surprise I saw different artificial satellites orbiting the earth.
“We’re almost close to the moon” I gueesed
“Sure we are. We will land safely in few days. Note that you fulfill all the required instructions before and after landing.”
“Noted” I said nodding my head

I heard it from my teacher since primary school days that Neil Armstrong was the first human to have landed on the moon. Since then, several countries sent their men to explore the space, the moon and other planets. Fortunately, I was among the luckiest scientists whose mission was to explore the space.”

Welcome back. You’ve now seen the examples of fictional writings. It is a novelette entitled “In The Sky” which brief narrates how the writer’s imagination becomes true when he had his first travel to the space with Mrs. Victoria.

As you read all the three samples of fiction and nonfiction writings, I’m hoping you too can learn and write yours. Just take a pen and write how you enjoyed or spent your last weekend (nonfiction) or write on your own imagination (fiction), like a novel, short imaginative story, film etc.


Do you enjoy writing poems? And have you ever write it yourself? What you might don’t know is you can also make money writing poems. The one you’ve been taught in primary school will be a source of income for you today. Poem is simply a literary piece written in verse. When it comes to making money as a freelance writer, writing poetry play a significant role. It helps article writers to boosts their career. The only thing you need to start is to learn how poems are written. I’ll be giving some samples for you to start:

By Ubali Ibrahim Hashim

I thought a man is to protect
But look at the pain you inflict
A sad memory you create.

You took away my dignity and pride
Am over powered, a victim of strife
Screwed, molested and left to stride.

You fled to have your identity conceal
Dishonored from society for what I conceive
No eulogies, condemnation is what I receive.

Tears running down from my lonely eyes
You are a pervert with heart full of malice
A crime committed punishable than heist.

As long as you love me
By Usama Alh. Uzairu Gashu’a

As long as you love me!
As long as you hold me!
As long as you cherish me!
As long as you nurture me!

As long as you love me
I’ll shaved my head as your share
Shield the shirt of your shine love
Shrimp and sunk into your sunlit
Supply heaps as your holding hub

As long as you love me
I’ll Stead and strap your enemies
Block and flog them with loving whip
Scrape and scratch their mourning face

As long as you love me
I’ll be your Tony stark

That sparkle your twilight hours
With humbleness and kindness,
Blissfulness and cheerfulness.

As long as you love me
I’ll Stand right by your side
As your German muscle guard
Ready to attack every spy
That tries to make you crawl

These are some poems from my poet friends as samples to help you write a better one. Whenever you wish to start writing a poem, you should note the following:
– Minimum length of poem is 30 verses
– A poem must have a name
– Learn from others
– Edit, edit, edit…

Article writing, eBook publishing and blogging all required or focuses on quality content. You must know that “Content is king”, the length of your content is your price. So when you decide to write an article; try to expand its length, ask people to help you edit it better, and to repeat it – try focusing on creating quality content. Don’t mind how long it will take you to write an article.

Now, it’s time to make your first earning as a freelance writer. But wait, what is the sort of your writing?
– Fiction
– Nonfiction or
– Poetry
And what’s the length of your article? Learn below are the list of high-paying companies to sell your writing.

Submit Your Articles to Magazines

Selling an article to online magazines brings the most paid work after review.. Here are few those websites to submit your article to:

  1. The Sun Magazine
    The Sun Magazine, founded since 1974, one of the most popular online magazines based in United States, accepts premium articles based on fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

How much do they pay?
The Sun Magazine pays writers based on sort of the article and depending on the content length:
Nonfiction – From $300 to $2,000
Fiction – From $300 to $2,000
Poetry – From $100 to $250


  1. VQR Online
    Virginia Quarterly Review (VQR) strives to publish the best writing they can find. After “The Sun Magazine”, the second best place to submit your article and get paid is VQR. They pay a minimum of $200 for a single poem, it just depends on content length.

How much do they pay?
Here is the list of VQR payment on each genre:
– Fiction – minimum of $1,000 for short fiction
– Nonfiction – minimum of $1,000 for other prose, such as personal essays and literary criticism.
– Poetry – $200 per poem, up to 4 poems; for a suite of 5 or more poems, usually pays $1,000 and above.


Sell Your Articles to Other People

Do you prefer selling your articles to other people than to online magazines? You can sell your articles online on any price you wish. The most interesting benefit of selling your articles to different people is; it helps you build your own brand. Here are the top ways to sell your works online:

Sell on Fiverr
Fiverr is a good place to sell your poems to everyone online. All you need is to create an account and edit your profile. You can create a listing offering to write a custom poem. Be sure to include some images and examples in your listing.

Sell on Etsy
After Fiverr, Etsy also allows its members to sell their products including poems online. You can create prints of your poems on paper in a frame or on a canvas and sell that way. You could also sell your own greeting cards. While this can take some patience and have some upfront costs, with the right marketing can be a good way to get your poems in the hands of others while getting paid for your work.

Sell on Digitalpoint Digital Marketplace
Digitalpoint is a digital marketplace where people from different part of the world swaps online services such as website, theme, premium article, eBook etc. Digitalpoint will help you sell your articles to different people at your price. All you beed is to visit here
http://www.marketplace.digitalpoint.com and create an account and post your ads including your article price, words length etc.

Sell on your website

Apart from submitting your writings to third-party companies, you can build your own brand simply by creating a website. A blog (or website) allows you to publish thousands of articles. If you are a professional writer, you can hire a web developer to create a website for you, and by then you may have two options:

  • Premium content – If your article is very helpful and you want to earn from it, you can ask your readers to pay some amount of money before reading it.
  • By listing your articles – The second way is by listing your article as featured post on the top of your website including the sign of ‘premium article’, which means the article is for sell.

You can advertise/promote your website and articles on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc.

I hope you found it helpful and useful, and I’m eager to hear from you next time with your $1,000+. You should know that making money online is not a new thing. All what you need to do is to understand the concept and the lucrative ways for you to start. As you can see above, both VQR and the The Sun Magazine need rich contents in their platforms. It’s always good to start from the beginning, don’t dump Fiverr and Etsy, they will help you build your own platform in the future.

Mohiddeen Ahmad

I am Muhammad Auwal Ahmad (Mohiddeen), a technologist and a writer. I Specifically write on sciences and modern technology. Hit my about page to learn more about me.

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